Smallest seismic sensor uses vibration spectral analysis


Omron Electronic Components believes it has the world’s smallest class size seismic sensor, specifically designed to trigger the shutdown of potentially hazardous or easily damaged systems in the event of an earthquake.

Specifically designed for the growing number of autonomous IoT systems, the Omron D7S provides high precision measurement of spectral intensity, allowing it to reject impulse vibration noise and only respond to genuine seismic activity. D7S features its own internal memory and I ²C interface, allowing it to be readily integrated into IoT devices. Potential applications include smart electricity and gas meters, wireless sensors, industrial control panels, electricity distribution panels, fire-prevention systems, home appliances such as heaters and gas stoves, chemical plants, expressways, bridges, tunnels, roads and many more.

Omron adds, “Earthquakes are extremely common around the world. On average, 50 earthquakes strike each day, or about 20,000 a year. Many are weak enough to go unnoticed but some are catastrophic….designers can make systems safer and minimise the risk of secondary damage after earthquakes by safely shutting off and stopping hazardous devices. The sensor can also help determine damage by mapping seismic intensity and providing building collapse information.”

for more detail : Smallest seismic sensor uses vibration spectral analysis

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