PIC RGB Power Board using PIC12F629 microcontroller


Power Pic RGB is a circuit that generates random RGB colors using a powerful 3W RGB LED and fades

between them.

The initial project goal was to develop the fading algorithm which was successfully achieved. This time the idea was to drive a Prolight 3 Watt RGB LED and place it inside a nice white globe! On the right is a picture of the first prototype board eith a small board attached that doesn’t belong to this project.

PIC RGB Power Board

Design and Implementation

The circuit is basically the same with the addition of 3 BS170 mosfet transistors to drive the LED and a powerful 5V regulator. The PIC is the same but the code has a small big difference, explained below!


From left to right we can see the power supply based on a 7805 5V 1A regulator, the microcontroller and finally on the right the three mosfets that will drive the LED. Click the image to enlarge.

Schematic PIC RGB Power Board

Each mosfet can drive a maximum 600mA through its drain but according to Prolight each LED (red, green and blue) can only sustain 300mA which makes this mosfet perfect for the job.

Summing the 3 LED currents we get 900mA not counting the current consumed by the PIC and the 7805 itself which should be around 3 or 4 mA. The 7805 is able to supply 1A of current with a proper Heatsink.


For more detail: PIC RGB Power Board using PIC12F629 microcontroller

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