PIC 12F675 Microcontroller Tutorial.

A tutorial on the 12F675 PIC microcontroller which shows you how to program and use it with a series of projects starting out with a simple LED flasher and progressing on to more advanced projects.To use the tutorial files you need to have a PIC programmer with an ICSP output connector and the components shown in each tutorial. You don’t have to install the compiler as hex file is contained in the downloadable zip file. If you do want to re-compile the source code the compiler is free for the small amounts of code used here as they all generate hex output files that are below the 2k limit.
PIC 12F675 Microcontroller Tutorial12F675

The 12F675 microcontroller is packaged in an 8 pin chip and even though it is tiny it is packed with peripherals. It even has a 10bit ADC built in (this is the same ADC that you can find on the 16F877A and 16F88 used elsewhere on this site). So learning about this peripheral is also useful for these other parts.  The 12F675 has 1024 words of program memory, 64 Bytes of RAM and 128 Bytes of EEPROM, an internal oscillator, timers an ADC and a comparator.

12F675 Microcontroller Features

The following bubble diagram shows the major peripherals and features of the 12F675 in a visual format:

12F675 Microcontroller Programming

You can program the microcontroller using an ICSP programmer (you can use it for any PIC chip). ICSP connections are shown in the diagram below.
To use it you will need software running on the PC : ICPROG.  This lets you flash the hex file generated by the compiler into the 12F675

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PIC 12F675 Microcontroller Tutorial schematic12F675 Microcontroller Power Supply

If you don’t have a bench power supply then you should use the following standard circuit. All you will need is a wall power supply block with dc output (greater than 8V and no more than 35V) or a 9V battery to plug into CN1.  You would not want to use that high voltage for very long if using reasonable current as the 7805 would have to get rid of the excess power as heat.  Say you used 100mA dropping 35V to 5V gives P=VxI = 30 *0.1 = 3W – a huge power output – the 7805 would get very hot and go into thermal shutdown!


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