Noteu: USB Hackable Real-Time Display

Customizable, hackable real-time display used to inform you of notifications, tasks, metrics, emails and many more!

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Noteu is one of the first customizable, hackable real-time display that keeps you updated in life, social media and business. Instead of needing to check multiple websites, apps or open any windows Noteu tells you what you need to know at a glance all in one place. With its easy to use software compatible on Windows, Mac and Linux you can choose amongst a wide range of updates and alerts with huge customization. Noteu is designed for the everyday user however is extremely hackable being Open Source and launched with java API’s for you programmers to interface and display whatever you will.

USB Hackable Real Time Display

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My campaign is a representation of me, my product and what I want to strive for in the future. I have passion for inventing and building things people can use to influence there lives. Through my campaign I can gain enough capital to take my idea and product to market and allow it to be used by the people who want it most. It also allows me to gain experience that I can use to build further projects and further my carrier as an inventor and entrepreneur. Its a long, tough and risky road however our goal is more important then how tough it can be to get there.

How it works

Noteu packs three pieces of hardware an LCD display, knock sensor and a beeper. The knock sensor positioned on the top of the device allows you to knock on the top gently to reset it while the beeper and LCD is used to inform you of any new updates. The device plugs into your computer and is controlled by Noteu’s easy to use software. You can set up Noteu with your accounts easily and securely to display real-time information or act on alerts and notifications with a lot of customization.

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For more detail: Noteu: USB Hackable Real-Time Display

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