Metal detector robot using pic microcontroller

Metal detector robot using pic microcontroller,this robot is designed for metal detection in places where human being can’t reach easily. Metal dectector robot detect metal through metal detector sensor. Its detect metals coming to it ways. Wherever its go, it keep detecting metal. In case of metal detection, a sound will be produced at the control room or receiver side. This article will give you brief idea about how metal detector robot works. How to design metal detector robot using pic microcontroller. Components of metal detector robot and Working of metal detector robot.

Metal detector robot using pic microcontrollerApplications of metal detector robot :

Metal detector robot can be used in many industrial applications. Some of them are given below :

  • Metal detection in mines
  • Metal detection in remote areas
  • secuirty system and many others.

Compoenets of Metal detection robot :

Main components of metal detector robot is given below :

  • Liquid crystal display ( LCD ) 16x 2
  • Radio frequency transmitter and receiver 433MHz
  • HT 12E, HT 12D encoder and decoder.
  • PIC16F877A microcontroller
  •  Resistors
  • capacitors
  • crystal oscillator
  • Metal detector sensor
  • DC motors
  • DC motor driver L298N
  • Keypad
  • Diodes
  • Light emitting diode
  • buzzer

Metal detector robot use radio frequency transmitter and receiver interfaced with microcontroller to send and recive data. Infrad transmitter and receiver can also be used but it have less range than radio frequency transmitter and receiver. Metal detector robot consists of a transmitter and receiver part. Receiver part is used to recive data from metal detector part and send commands to metal detector robot using keypad. It is also used to control robot. Circuit diagrams of both are given below:

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Circuit diagram of receiver part:

Circuit diagram of receiver is shown below. It consists of of RF receiver and encoder. Encoder coverts the microcontroller PIC16F877A signals into receiver signals.

Metal detector robot using pic microcontroller schematicReceiver part of metal detector robot consists of RF receiver which receive commands from RF transmitter. It receive commands to move left, right,reverse and forward. Metal detector sensor is also connected with receiver part. In case of metal detection, buzzer start producing sound or alaram start working, In above circuit diagram, no alaram or buzzer is used. But you can use buzzer also. PIC16F877A microcontroller microcontroller is used to control all the things. A code code can be written using Mikro c complier or any compiler with you feel comfortable.  Motor driver 293D is interfaced with pic microcontroller to drive two dc motors. DC motors are used for metal detector robot movement.


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