IK3OIL 16F84 PIC Frequency Counter Files

Caption (copied from the NorCal meeting listed in the links below):

IK3OIL Frequency counter built by Wayne McFee.  This is from IK3OIL’s web site, and the cost of the counter was about $2, minus the display, which was about $7.  Wayne got the source was www.shopeio.com.  They are located in Gardenia, California.
PIC Frequency Counter
Design and Code by Francisco IK3OIL

This frequency counter was mentioned on the QRP-L mailing list.
I offered to put up some more information on the counter on this web page.
I have not built one (yet) nor do I have any further information than what is here.

UPDATE!: I did build a counter it was not an IK3OIL counter but based on comments by PIC Elmer WB8RCR on Echolink, I built instead an OM3CPH counter.
It works FB! Thanks for the hints and the great work with the PIC Elmer course John!

Davewb4 at aol.com    provided these files

Here is the link to the PDF file by IK3OIL:

Here is a link to the AN592 MicroChip Application note referenced in
Francesco’s Frequency Counter above:

Here is a link to the NorCal meeting where the counter was mentioned:

Here is a copy of the PIC source code that I got from Dave ( Davewb4  at aol.com )

Here are the layout/schematic files compressed into a zip file


For more detail: IK3OIL 16F84 PIC Frequency Counter Files

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