FUN but REAL: Nanotechnologies already in SOS electronic…

You certainly all know that you cannot trust Wikipedia completely. In our case, it’s not about the lack of credibility but more about incompleteness. It is generally respected that there are more things that belong in the area of nanotechnologies – when something needs to be done from scratch, iPod Nano or Nano-SIM card holder.

FUN but REAL Nanotechnologies already in SOS electronic...

With these, there is undoubted trend towards reduction (we heard about Pico-SIMs / but that is more of a pikotechnologies that are not object of our interest as of now).
In conventional applications, size of a SIM is not critical. But in portable devices, every nanometer saved is good. That’s why we offer new Nano-SIM card holders. All are universal – they accept red, green, acorns or bells nano-SIM cards. In higher society hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades are used – these also can be crammed in the holders.

Basic solutions:

a) 115S-ACA0: Bar push (eject) type

Solution with nano drawer – you don’t need to dismantle or open the device in order to insert the SIM card – you maybe heard about this solution in relation to iPhones. Nano drawer is ordered separately so we do not discourage you with the final price for holder and drawer – therefore, these are two cheap items.

b) 115P-AEA0: Slim type

This solution doesn’t shame its name – it is nano and yet it’s SLIM (it’s almost coming close to anorexia) With this solution, developer needs to closely cooperate with designer; card position on contacts is secured by device box itself. It contains little material – therefore, it’s the cheapest solution.

For more detail: FUN but REAL: Nanotechnologies already in SOS electronic…

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