CAN Transceiver for Automotive

The TJA1042 of NXP Semiconductor is a CAN transceiver with high-speed capabilities that provides a physical link between physical transmission medium and the protocol controller. The transceiver is designed for high-speed (up to 1Mbps) CAN applications in the automotive industry, providing the differential transmit and receive capability to a microcontroller with a CAN protocol controller.

CAN Transceiver for Automotive

The NXP high-speed CAN transceivers provide the interface between a Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol controller and the physical two-wire CAN bus. This ensures full interoperability with other ISO11898 compliant transceiver products. These transceivers offer a significantly improved ESD robustness, a further reduction in Electromagnetic Emission (EME), an improved Electromagnetic Immunity (EMI), a higher voltage robustness in order to fully support 24V applications, and a predictable undervoltage behavior at all supply conditions.

The circuit shows how to integrate the TJA1042T within a typical application. The application example assumes either a 5V or a 3V supplied host microcontroller. There is a dedicated 5V regulator supplying the TJA1042T transceiver on its VCC supply pin (necessary for proper CAN transmit capability).

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